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MRC BASIC - £44 (inc VAT)
£20 Sign-up Fee

Start strong on your fitness journey with MRC Basic. Our Basic membership grants you unrestricted access to both our top-notch gym facilities and a variety of energising classes. Now you can customise your workout sessions and also benefit from expert-led classes, making this membership ideal for those who relish both self-guided and instructed exercise routines.

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MRC SILVER- £65 (inc VAT)
£20 Sign-up Fee

Elevate your experience with MRC Silver. Our Silver Membership encompasses everything from the Basic tier, with the added perk of 1 Spa sessions per week.


Experience the rejuvenating effects of a sauna or invigorating ice bath to aid recovery and enhance overall well-being. Furthermore, with Silver, you unlock access to the Move With MRC App (Basic version), your personal pocket fitness assistant.


Included are two exclusive programmes, the Strength Training Programme - B2R Graded Exposure and Lean Living Programme - B2R Diet, tailored to fortify your power, endurance, and fine-tune your nutrition for peak health and performance.

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MRC GOLD- £99 (inc VAT)
£20 Sign-up Fee

Delve into the pinnacle of fitness privileges with MRC Gold.


This membership merges all the benefits of the Basic and Silver tiers, with the added luxury of unlimited access to our spa facilities. Regularly immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of our sauna or the revitalising embrace of an ice bath.


Moreover, you gain full access to the expanded version of the Move With MRC App. This includes an array of challenging programmes such as Handstand, Pistol Squat, Dips, Chin Up, Muscle Up for skills mastery; Front Split, Middle Split to enhance flexibility; and Rings & Parallel Bars Programmes catering to both beginners and advanced enthusiasts, taking your calisthenics prowess to unmatched heights.

Find out more on our FAQ Page

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