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Corporate Gym Memberships

Revitalise your workforce with our exclusive corporate gym membership packages at Movement Recreation Culture. Offering more than just a gym membership, we provide a complete suite of health services to support physical and mental well-being, tailor-made for businesses of all sizes.

Services You Will Receive:

Free 7-day trial: Experience our services first-hand with no obligations.

8 Classes per week: Choose from a diverse array of classes designed for all fitness levels.

Wide range of health services: From personal training and physiotherapy to chiropractors and massage therapy, we’ve got it all.

Free weight training programme: Tailored plans to help employees reach their fitness goals.

Coming Soon: Sauna and Ice Baths: A luxury touch for complete wellness.

Setting Up a Corporate Gym Membership Scheme:

Setting up a corporate gym membership with us is both simple and cost-effective. Whether your company is big or small, we will ensure a seamless experience, providing various affordable options tailored to your unique requirements.

More Than Just a Corporate Gym Membership:

We don't just stop at gym facilities; our broad spectrum of health services includes:

Personal Training

Health Assessments



Massage Therapy

Benefits of Joining Movement Recreation Culture

For Your Business:

Better well-being: Actively support employee physical and mental health.

Reduced sickness: Healthier employees take fewer sick days.

Low cost: Provide access to the entire workforce for a one-off fee.

No effort: Employees can self-serve their benefit once signed up.

Easy promotion: Free marketing support to engage employees.

Something for everyone: A wide range of fitness facilities for all preferences.

Why Choose Movement Recreation Culture?

Join us to create a positive, health-focused culture within your organisation. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your employees thrive in both body and mind.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at 01597435505 to discuss the best fit for your company.

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