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Structured Divisions: Join our league with six players per division.

Six-Week Season: Enjoy a six-week season to arrange and play matches.

Promotion & Relegation: Move up or down based on end-of-season results.

£20 Entry: All entry fees returned to winners.

Club Membership: To join, become an MRC Pool Club member for £15/month.

Get ready for an exciting pool league experience at MRC Pool Club! Our league is structured into divisions of six players each, offering a competitive and engaging environment. With a six-week season, you'll have ample time to arrange and play matches, testing your skills against fellow members. The promotion and relegation system keeps things dynamic, as the top two players move up, and the bottom two move down based on season results. For just a £20 entry fee, you can compete for cash prizes, with every penny of the entry fees going straight back to the winners. To participate, ensure you're a member of the MRC Pool Club, available at a monthly fee of £15. Join us now to combine your passion for pool with exclusive club benefits!



Division 1 at MRC Pool Club is where the best of the best gather to showcase their skills. With six elite players competing in this highly competitive division, every match is a thrilling battle. Who will secure the top spot?


Immerse yourself in the excitement of Division 2 at MRC Pool Club! Here, a group of dedicated players brings their skills to the table. Do you have what it takes to ascend the ranks and earn your spot in Division 1? 


Embrace the world of competitive pool with open arms in Division 3 at MRC Pool Club. This division is specially designed to nurture newcomers and aspiring players. We offer complimentary coaching to help you refine your game. 

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