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Updates to MRC Membership Plans

At MRC, we are deeply committed to providing you with the best possible fitness and wellness experience. We constantly strive to add value to your membership through top-notch facilities, expert trainers, and tailored programmes that support your journey to a healthier, stronger version of yourself. This commitment also involves making occasional adjustments to our membership plans, ensuring we adhere to all regulations while continuing to meet the high standards you've come to expect from us.

It's with this spirit of continuous improvement and compliance that we're announcing an update to our membership plans. Due to changes in VAT regulations, we find it necessary to adjust our pricing structure. We want to assure you that this decision wasn't made lightly. Our goal is to maintain the quality and variety of services that you've come to love, while also meeting our fiscal responsibilities.


The new pricing will take effect starting 01/10/2023. We understand that changes in pricing can be challenging, especially in these uncertain times, and we are committed to helping you navigate this transition as smoothly as possible.

We appreciate your understanding and the trust you've placed in us. Read on to discover the specifics of the new plans and the transitional offers we've designed to ease this period of adjustment.

New Membership Plans

MRC Basic: £44/Month (inc VAT)

Embark on your fitness journey with unrestricted access to our gym facilities and classes.


MRC Silver: £65/Month (inc VAT)

The benefits of MRC Basic, 5 refreshing spa sessions per month, exclusive programmes and basic app access.


MRC Gold: £99/Month (inc VAT)

Enjoy all the benefits of Basic and Silver, but with unlimited spa access with additional bonuses for an all-encompassing fitness experience.

Important Note on Automatic Renewals

Attention: Unless otherwise instructed by you, all memberships will automatically renew on the MRC Basic plan starting from 1st October 2023. If you wish to continue with a different membership plan or take advantage of any transitional offers, please inform us before this date.

For further clarification on how to update your membership preferences, please refer to the FAQ section below.

Transitional Offers

We understand that price changes can be challenging, so we are offering several transitional plans to make this transition as smooth as possible.

For Existing Members

  1. Pre-Payment Discount: Pre-pay for 6 months to lock in the current rate.

  2. Add-On Bonuses: Complimentary spa session for one month.

  3. Upgrade Offer: A one-month upgrade to a higher membership tier for the first month after the new prices are in effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the prices increasing?

Due to the implementation of VAT on our services, we need to adjust our membership pricing. This ensures we remain compliant with financial regulations while maintaining the high-quality services you expect from MRC.

When will the new prices take effect?

The new membership rates will be effective starting 1st October 2023.

How much time do I have to decide about continuing my membership?

You have until 1st October 2023 to take advantage of our transitional offers and make an informed decision about your membership continuation.

What transitional offers are available?

  1. Pre-Payment Discount: Pre-pay for 6 months to lock in the current rate.

  2. Add-On Bonuses: Complimentary spa session for one month.

  3. Upgrade Offer: A one-month upgrade to a higher membership tier for the first month after the new prices are in effect.

Will the services in my current plan be affected?

No, your current plan's services will not be affected. Our objective is to continue providing exceptional quality and even aim to improve upon it.

I have a yearly subscription; how does this affect me?

If you've paid for a yearly subscription, your current rate will remain locked in until your next renewal date. At that point, the new rates will apply.

Can I cancel my membership without a penalty due to this change?

We understand that changes like these can be unsettling. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so without any cancellation penalty until 25th September 2023

How were these new prices determined?

These prices were determined after a careful analysis to find a balance between managing increased operational costs and providing maximum value to our members.

What additional benefits will I get with these new plans?

We're always working on enhancing our services. The new pricing enables us to invest in better facilities, new fitness equipment, and advanced training modules.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

For any more queries, feel free to fill in the contact form below or speak to our staff at the gym.

MRC Basic

What is included in the MRC Basic package?

The MRC Basic package includes gym access and participation in MRC Basic Classes, which offer 8 sessions per week

Can I upgrade from MRC Basic to another package later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade from MRC Basic to either MRC Silver or MRC Gold at any time.

Are any classes included in the MRC Basic package?

Yes, the MRC Basic package includes access to 8 MRC Basic Classes per week.

How much does the MRC Basic membership cost?

The MRC Basic membership is priced at £44 per month.

Is there a contract or commitment period for MRC Basic?

No, there's no fixed commitment period for MRC Basic. It operates on a month-to-month basis.

How often can I access the gym with MRC Basic?

With MRC Basic, you can enjoy unrestricted gym access during our operational hours.

MRC Silver

What benefits do I get with the MRC Silver membership?

The MRC Silver membership offers gym access, MRC Basic and Silver Classes, five spa session (Sauna & Ice Bath) per month, basic access to the Move With MRC App, Strength Training Programme - B2R Graded Exposure, and the Lean Living Programme - B2R Diet.

What's the cost of the MRC Silver package?

The MRC Silver package is priced at £65 per month.

Can I downgrade from MRC Silver to MRC Basic if needed?

Yes, you can downgrade from MRC Silver to MRC Basic.

How does the MRC Silver differ from MRC Basic?

While MRC Basic provides gym access and 8 weekly sessions, MRC Silver offers additional Silver classes, weekly spa sessions, basic app access, and specialised training and diet programmes.

Are there any exclusive classes or events for MRC Silver members?

Yes, MRC Silver members have access to exclusive MRC Silver Classes in addition to the Basic classes.

Is there any contract or minimum commitment for MRC Silver?

No, MRC Silver operates on a month-to-month basis. 

MRC Gold

What premium facilities are available for MRC Gold members?

MRC Gold members enjoy all the benefits of Basic and Silver, plus unlimited spa access and full access to the Move With MRC App, which includes specialised app programmes.

Are there any guest privileges with MRC Gold?

Yes, MRC Gold members are entitled to one day pass a month for a friend, granting access to both the gym and spa.

Do MRC Gold members receive any personalised fitness plans or consultations?

MRC Gold Members would receive a consultation with a trainer.

How much does the MRC Gold membership cost?

The MRC Gold membership is priced at £99 per month.

How does the MRC Gold membership differ from MRC Silver?

In addition to all the benefits of MRC Silver, MRC Gold members have unlimited access to the spa and gain full, unrestricted access to the Move With MRC App.

Is there a long-term commitment or contract for MRC Gold?

No, MRC Gold memberships operate on a flexible month-to-month basis.

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